2015-16 Champions League Season Preview

When it is about Champions League preview, the usual suspect is always with the team with more talents and experience to win the league. People usually prefer the team that has a stronger track records in the recent years. Let’s have a look on the teams who are favorite in 2015-16 Champions League Season.

Top Most Favorites


Since 2006, Barcelona won the Champions League four times. This season due to transfer interdict, Barcelona has suffered to some extent, but still Barcelona is Barcelona who is the most favorite team for this season to lift the cup.

Bayern Munich

The winner of 2013-14’s Champion League Bayern Munich has gained more strength after the joining of Pep Guardiola, the best coach of the world. after two disappointing exits in the semifinal, Bayern Munich has signed Brazilian Douglas Costa and Juventus star player Arturo Vidal though the health of Arjen Robben is instable.

Real Madrid

Like every year, Real Madrid has the talent to win the Champions League. But the Madridista standards is now transforming as there are only two $35 million plus players have added this year. Still Real Madrid is favorite choice for their star attraction Ronaldo.

Second-Level Favorites

Certain teams have always potential talent and experience to win the cup though they have never shown the evidence. Like underdog, these teams have the chances to win.


Though Chelsea has a good track records in Europe, there are several examples of league disappointments. That’s why when Chelsea won tournament in 2012, they had succumbed to finish 6th position on Champions League. This year they are in the easy group with no strong obstacle.

Manchester City

Unfortunately Manchester City’s league endeavor has not translated to Europe. But the amount of money they spend on its players can be compared to any other clubs. In spite of its four-straight appearances, the club failed to reach to quarterfinal. This time things may chance for Manchester City as they are in the group excluding of any cupcakes.

Manchester United

In 2011, Manchester United reached to the final and after that they reached to the quarterfinals once. But in the seller’s market they have picked an 18 year-old player with a record of $55 million. But their chances are not so strong as the team lacks a pure top-class goal scorer.

Sleepers or Not

There are few teams that are not in the cup chasing competition but with their stepping in the second round, they are going the game interesting.


In the preview of 2015-16 Champions League, Arsenal has the potentiality to finish as second position in the same group like Bayern Munich. They could go far with a more capable defensive midfielder and an elite striker.

Atletico Madrid

Depending a lot on Diego Simeone, Atletico Madrid has the chances to go up to quarter finals as they are in the easy group.


Juventus can play the role of supplement in the group as their top scorer Carlos Tevez has left the league along with two midfielders Arturo Vidal and Andrea Pirlo. But they have strong defense.

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Now let’s sit back and enjoy all that there is to this season’s rendition of the Champions League!


The Great Replica Food Making Experience in Japan

Japanese Food in Display Cases

Alberto Moreno cannot speak or read Japanese and when at first he stepped in Japan, he felt it as a deficit that might cause him starving in the country that is renowned for its gastronomic delights. Fortunately, Japan always takes special care to its tourists with some innovations. That is why the tourists do not feel problem to choose their desired dishes in the restaurants of this food obsessed nation where they find the English menu ranging from sparse to almost non-existent. The Japanese restaurants display their foods in the form of customized made plastic food replica.

Fake food or faux food-in which name you will call them, has several usages. There are primarily made for the purpose of food display in the restaurants and super markets in Japan. These are also used for the decorative purpose at homes. Nowadays these are available in different shapes as daily use products and gift items. These realistic food displays can be made of vinyl, plastic, resins, wax and other materials in order to look like the real foods.

Though these artificial display foods were originated from Japan in order to help the foreigners to identify their food items, nowadays, there are immensely used in North America too. These Japanese food models are called sampuru, the Japanese word originated from the English word sample. You may find them in the reputed restaurants, supermarkets, tapas bar and of course in izakayas. Japanese always prefer to simplify the life and with this aim, they invented Japanese sampuru. Now when you are visiting a restaurant, which will you prefer- read an almost obscure menu card or choose your dish from the appetizing display food? Of course as a potential customer, the second option seems more suitable to you. Here lies the uniqueness of Japanese people who have mingled gastronomic art with the marketing strategy so that the customers have the idea about look, quantity and price of the foods to choose. Simply, you will see before what you will get later.

Today the manufacturing of artificial food prop is quite popular in Japan and it gives several billion yens of business every year. In fact, the cost of these display foods is quite higher compared to the real food they represent, but the good thing is that the restaurants need to invest one time as they last for several years. In order to get these custom-made food replicas, the restaurants need to send their original sample dishes along with their pictures and then it takes a long time to prepare these display fake foods. This art is indigenously Japan origin, though now China and South Korea are progression fast to come in the competition of manufacturing fake food props.

After visiting a replica food studio, you will have a great experience as it looks like a kitchen. However, the main difference lies in the fact that the men appear before you wearing apron are actually the artists, not the chefs. In these studios, you will get everything-from sushi to okonomiyaki, from pizza to salad, from raw to cooked foods. So if you want to take a sample of plastic food display with a personal touch, you may ask for a custom made prop food.